Taking time to slow down

It always amazes me that at the most hectic times in my life, the Lord finds the time to send me gentle reminders that I may just be speeding through my life a little too fast. With the go-go-go schedule of school and soccer and ballet and cub scouts and activity days and church callings and jobs edging in on us from all sides, I find myself at the end of the day wondering how I let this happen all over again. It tends to happen every year- with the excitement of a new school year ahead of us we take on new activities and projects eager to learn and do more.
As fun as they all are, I sometimes forget that even though I signed up for all of these great enriching things-the one thing I signed up for that is even more important is the calling of a wife and mother. I am grateful for experiences that help me remember this.
At one in the morning, Scott is still awake with me, crying as he has been all day. Miserable with a high fever, he wants nothing more than to be held and cuddled as he drifts in and out of sleep in my arms. These are the activities I want more than any of the others. To take the time to hold my babies, enjoying every part of their life before they grow up and are too big for sitting on my lap and cuddling; to spend time with my loved ones without thought to where else I have to be or what else I have to be doing; listening, really listening, to all the exciting things my kids have to tell me; serving without any thought of gain or praise except the satisfaction of knowing the Savior would do the same thing for me if He were here.
The worthwhile activities of this life are the ones that strengthen our relationships with the ones we love the most. I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that takes the time to remind me that it's okay to slow down. All the things that were put aside today-the cleaning, the organizing, the filing, balancing the checkbook, making the beds, folding the laundry, the blog and journaling catch up, the appointments and practices-will all still be there for me tomorrow. I have plenty of time to speed up, but for today I am rather enjoying the slower paced stroll I am experiencing.


Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

Beautifully written! Well said. I absolutely agree. I loved that small reminder from your blog post, thank you. We only have the little ones for 18 years . . . I love that new picture where did you take it?

The Starbuck Family said...

We went out to Callaway this last weekend with my brother and I took it then. It was a lot of fun!

Chrystina said...

Yes, sometimes we need these gentle reminders from the Lord. You are a wonderful mom Monae!!!!