Shoe shopping

The week working up to school was a busy one-filling out school forms, buying school supplies, finding the right backpack and lunchbox, getting new school clothes, and organizing everything for the first day. In all these preparations a visit to the shoe store was in order. I went there with plans of getting two pairs of ballets shoes, and walked out with 8 pairs of shoes! As Brianna and Brooke were in one aisle trying on ballet slippers, Erika and Abby were busy in another aisle trying on any shoes they could get their hands on. Abby had as many flip flops as she could carry in her arms insisting she needed them all. At 3 she already has a love of shoes.

I was finishing with Brianna and had Brooke’s shoes on, only to  turn around and see her in another aisle as well, shoes off again trying on more shoes. It seemed to be shoe pandemonium all around me. Just when I would get one pair of shoes on someone, another person would get theirs off.  Shouts of “Mom, these are so cute”, “Look, these fit great!”, and  “I NEED these ones” were in the air. I tried to mentally calculate who really needed what, and realized our summer shoe fashion of colorful flip flops were not going to cut it for school. I really am a sucker for cute kids shoes, so I guess I should count myself lucky I only walked away with 8 pairs and not more.  I can only hope no one’s feet grow too fast in the next couple of months, or another trip to the shoe store may be in order.

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Karen said...

and I thought my five pairs of back to school shoes was a lot!