Twinner Girls

The term “twinner” at our house means getting to be the same as someone else-their twin. When I went to South Dakota in July, we got Tayleigh an early birthday present and bought her a dress to match the other girls when she came to visit. The girls had been talking it up all week, and couldn’t wait until Sunday to all match. They looked so cute in their matching dresses.

Girls in their dresses blog_edited-1


The Austin Family said...

Oh so cute! Tayleigh misses her "twinners". She asks us all the time when we can go play with the girls again. "But dad if you just start driving and I sleep when I wake up we can be there in Georgia"

Lisa said...

All of your pictures are crystal clear! They are beautiful and I am envious. Way to go posting so much lately... the kids must be back in school!