Mike and Desirea

We are so glad that you came to visit. It has been so much fun getting to see family. Thank you for driving so far to see us. We love you!!! Some of the fun memories from the week:

  • Going out for ice cream
  • Playing old school Nintendo games on the wii
  • Impressing my kids that I DO know how to play a video game-Super Mario Bros rocks!
  • Blowing big bubbles
  • Playing at Flat Rock Park
  • Going out to eat-just us adults
  • Talking at Barnes and Noble
  • Not getting our Starbucks discount there!
  • Eating yummy chocolate
  • Making cookie pizza with the girls
  • Playing at Callaway at the beach
  • Staying up late talking
  • Playing Mario Party 8
  • Taking apart IPODS
  • Watching Tayleigh sleep with her beauty mask on
  • Having to do laundry at the laundry mat because our washer broke-not fun per say, but fun to get to talk and hang out with Desirea


Mike family pic blog_edited-1


Mike and Desirea blog_edited-1

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The Austin Family said...

Who are those good looking people? lol. You are so amazing Monae. Those are probably the best pictures we have ever had taken. Seriously.