{ Easter Weekend }

We didn’t have a lot planned for our Easter weekend this year, but the kids had one request-a big Easter egg hunt up in the meadow. Down the street is this huge meadow we thought would be perfect to hide eggs in. Once we got there though, all the weeds were so big, that the thistles were pokey, and the eggs were impossible to see. We would have lost all our eggs. We decided our little woods in the back would have to do.

A few years ago we had done a egg hunt and had used these huge eggs I had found at the dollar store. Each kid had one with their name on it, and it was filled with larger candy, little toys, bubbles, gum, etc. I have looked but have never found them again. Well, this year was our lucky year! I grabbed one for each of the kids, and Aaron and I hid them along with a bunch of other littler eggs up in the woods. Austin was not interested in using a basket to find his eggs, but instead his soccer bag which he carried on his front so he could more quickly look for eggs. Brooke caught on, and went to find another bag for herself as well. By the time they found all the eggs the other kids baskets were overflowing, with some falling out, so their backpack bags turned out to be a great idea.

Abby with easter basket blog

Scott looking for eggs blog

Scott looking for easter eggs blog

Kids Easter blog

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