{ Piano Recital }

The night that Grandma and Grandpa Austin were to arrive, Brianna had organized a kids piano recital for them. Brianna and Austin have been taking piano lessons, but Brianna has also been giving piano lessons to Brooke, Erika, and Abby. She has come up with all these fun ideas to get them to practice and to learn their songs. She is so good at it. They had all practiced hard, and this was their time to show off their skills.

Brianna printed out programs, dressed the girls up, and set up the room with benches and chairs for the audience.

Kids piano recital blog

They each had their chance to play a few songs, and be the center of attention. Abby went first-Abby playing piano blog

Abby smiling blog  …and loved all the praise she received. She worked really hard to learn her two songs.

Erika and Brooke both entertained us with their music as well.

Erika playing piano blog

Erika smiling blog

Brooke playing piano blog

Brianna and Austin had made up a duet to play together for us as well. They did such a good job! They have been adding to it a little each day, and it was great to hear their final masterpiece.

Austin and Brianna duet blog

Austin playing piano blog

No piano recital is complete unless all members get to participate-including this guy.Scott giggling blogScott was all giggles this night. He was happy to have everyone’s attention as he plunked away at the keys  and sang us his little song. It was very cute!

Scott playing piano blogScott smiling at piano blog

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