{ Ryan 6 Months }

I have this theory that when it comes to pictures, Brianna takes the cake for being the first born and having the most. As we have had more kids though, and I actually learned how to use my camera, I think the younger kids just got better quality over quantity. That being said, this post goes against that. Ryan is desperately trying to catch up in the quantity department. Being #7, the odds are against you at times, but today the stars aligned and I got some time just me and Ryan to snap away. Ryan woke up early from his nap, so while Scott was still sleeping we took some pictures to celebrate his 6 month milestone.

Ryan 6 month sitting blog

Ryan looking blog 

Ryan on tummy smiling blog

Ryan rocking blog

Ryan reaching blog

Ryan tripod blog

Ryan smiling big blog

Ryan stretching blog

 Ryan looking up blog

Ryan side view blog


Ryan side view looking blog

Ryan big smile close up blog

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