{ House Update-The First 30 Days }

It seems like a lot has happened in the last 30 days as our weed filled lot has started to become the beginning of our home. It has been such a learning experience for all of us. We find ourselves asking lots of questions, looking up a ton of information online, and driving around looking at so many other houses trying to find the right brick.

Everyday after I pick up the kids from school, we swing by the house on the way home. It has become our fun little tradition to see what they have done that day. Since Brianna doesn't get out of school for another hour and a half, we sometimes stop by again after we pick her up. And then if Aaron doesn’t stop by on the way home from work, we may go by again. Yeah, we really don’t have anything better to do. It is so nice that we live so close to where they are building, such a blessing.

Here is some high points of the last month:

Day 1-Staked out lot

Our new lot other view blog

Day 6-Our official lot sign up, the lot was cleared of weeds and other brush, and the future driveway was laid with gravel.

Lot sign blog

tractor grading lot_edited-1 blog 

Lot with gravel driveway blog

Day 11-A wood perimeter was built around the lot, and the outside of the house was staked out with more specific stakes showing all the corners of the house.

perimeter staked out blog

Day 13-The footings are dug and poured. As we rounded the corner of the subdivision and saw our lot, the kids started shouting, “There’s a cement truck!” It was super exciting that we happened to get there right as they were getting ready to pour.

cement truck blog

digging footings blog  

cement truck pouring footiings blog

Day 18-They started bricking on top of the footings with cinder blocks and the brick we picked out for the rest of the house. I can’t tell you how many hours we spent trying to find the perfect brick. Today was a super exciting day as we finally saw the brick put up. We love it! We are so happy with our choice. We ended up picking a brick called Mosswood with a putty colored mortar.

Close up brick pallet blog 

bricks blog

Building footings blog

footings close up blog

Brianna with brick blog

Brick close up blog

This picture shows the color of the brick a little bit better. It is kind of a brownish, grayish color. It isn’t a real smooth brick, but has a rougher texture with pits and grooves. I love it!

bricks color blog Day 21 & 22-The footings were complete and they backfilled everything with dirt and then a layer of gravel.

backfilling footings blog

The kids sitting on the future front step.

kids on front step blog

By far, the most exciting part about today was the arrival of the Port-O-Potty on the worksite. The kids think it’s the coolest thing. Austin makes a point to check the cleaning schedule posted inside the door, I’m not sure if he’s just curious or just won’t use it if it hasn’t been cleaned that day.

potty blog Day 27-Trenches are dug for the rough plumbing. We arrived at the site to a pile of these…

rough plumbing pipes blog and a whole bunch of these…

plumbing supplies blog all ready to go into a few holes like these…

trenches for plumbing blog 

rough plumbing blog

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