{ Feeding Ryan }

Ryan is a lot like are other kids when it comes to baby food-NOT at all interested in baby cereal or any baby food for that matter. I put off feeding him baby food for a couple months, but the time finally has come that he needs more. Every day Aaron and I would try to get him interested in some rice cereal or baby oatmeal. He would turn his nose up at us and purse his little lips as tight as he could.

One day I had set the bowl of cereal on the tall counter next to him to just give him a break while I cleaned up the kitchen a bit. The next thing I know, Scott has pushed over a little chair, grabbed the bowl, and proceeds to feed him. Ryan just continues to open his mouth and let Scott shovel it in. I couldn’t believe it. It was a completely messy affair, but at least he ate baby food!

Scott feeding Ryan blog

Scott feeding Ryan 5 blog

It was so cute to watch Scott try all the tricks we try-Here’s the airplane! He even makes his mouth open and close while he feeds Ryan. So despite being a seasoned mom of seven kids, I need my two year old to feed my baby baby food. Go figure.

Scott feeding Ryan 6 blog

Scott feeding Ryan 2 blog

Scott feeding ryan 3 blog

Scott feeding Ryan 4 bog

Scott is so proud of himself that he is the only one that Ryan will eat for. We are sticking to cereal for right now because it is at least a little thicker so most of it goes in Ryan’s mouth. The mess makes me cringe a little at times, but I remind myself that more baby food=less times a day I have to nurse him, so I happily just clean up oatmeal off of the floor, counter, Ryan, and Scott.

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