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Brooke 8 years old blog

Earlier in the year at church, the stake Primary put on a program for all the kids turning 8 this year. It’s a running tradition in our stake and I love what they title it-“Eight is Great”.  Our newest eight year old around these parts would have to agree.

Eight Great Things About Turning 8

  1. You get to be the first kid in your class at church to get baptized and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  2. You get to go on a shopping date with mommy all by yourself. No daddy, no siblings, no babies, just you-“The 8 is great” kid.
  3. You get to go to lots of stores and try on every pair of shoes you see and mommy lets you. You get to pick out a white fancy pair of seashell flip flops to buy.
  4. You get to pick out the perfect white baptism dress and white high-heely kind of shoes to go with it.
  5. You get a new set of scriptures that are your very own and a cool new scripture case to put them in.
  6. You get to go have your toes and fingernails painted at a nail salon.
  7. Your grandparents get to come visit you.
  8. You get to stay up 20 minutes later at night.

   8 1/2. You get your very own photo shoot with mommy….Okay, the “Was once 8 and it was great” mom-person just added that one. But it is one of my favorite parts of birthdays-getting to take pictures of my kids and see how much they have grown and changed in the past year. Here are 8 great pictures of our birthday girl.

Brooke close up blog

 Brooke black and white blog

Brooke toes blog


Brooke love necklace blog

Brooke with new scriptures blog

Brooke with scripture case blog

Brooke close up 2 blog     

Brooke black and white 2 blog

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Lisa said...

Love that top picture of Brooke. Cute cute! Congratulations, Brooke!!