{ Abby’s Pizza Box }

A few weeks ago at Abby’s school they organized a creative fundraiser for the PTA. I feel like I hardly ever support the PTO thru the usual selling activities they do- selling coupon cards or wrapping paper, I just have  a thing about my kids soliciting money from neighbors, family, and friends. Anyways, I do love to support the kids school, so when they have some other fundraiser like Bookfairs, carnivals, and other family activities I am on board.

The idea they worked up was pretty genius-especially for busy parents who would love a night off of cooking and to just order in pizza. They had all of the Pre-K and Kindergarten students decorate plain pizza boxes with the most colorful, creative fun spring pictures they could think of. Each student put their name on the box, and then one night they had set up that you could have your pizza order delivered in the box your child had decorated. Who doesn’t go nuts over their own kids artwork? The school got a portion of the proceeds, parents got to enjoy their kids artwork, and families ate yummy pizza.

It worked out good for us that they had it on a soccer night when we needed a quicker meal. Abby came with me to pick up the pizza, and was beaming when they pulled out her box.

Abby pizza box blog-1


Abby has brought home some artwork from this year, but most of them seem to be projects with gluing and glitter, and not just artwork with her own drawings on them. I loved seeing her five year old drawings.

Abby’s favorite part-“When I was drawing the flower”.

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