{ The Tale of Two Turtles }

Once upon a time there were some playful children who decided to go on a walk with their cousins and aunt. After walking for some time, they came upon a cute little baby turtle. They oohed and ahhed at him, and even though he was shy, he came out of his shell to meet them.

The happy children ran home to show their mom, and then proceeded to play with him, and talk to him, and hold him lovingly. Some of the children were patiently waiting their turn to spend some time with their new friend, when they came upon another baby turtle. He was just as cute as the first, but much shyer. They called him “Scaredy” because he would hardly ever come out of his shell.

The children thought it only fair to give one turtle to the cousins, and keep one turtle for themselves. What could be better that two turtle friends, and 11 happy children showering them with attention. As time went on, the children thought what fun it would be to race these two small turtles, and see who was the fastest.

The race track was drawn, and the turtles were helped to the starting line.

Turtle race blog-1

As turtle #2 was set at the starting line, and shouts of “GO!” filled the air, Scaredy decided to come out of his shell! Off they raced towards the finish line.

Turtle race blog-2

One little foot in front of the other, they slowly moved along. The children cheered their little turtle on. They were sure he would win the race.

Turtle race blog-3

But as the finish line came into view, Scaredy wasn’t so scared anymore, and off he ran with all his little turtle might to win the race. The cousins cheered and shouted praise to their little baby turtle Scaredy.

Turtle race blog-4

The children held him close to let him know they loved him still as they whispered encouraging words in his little baby turtle ears, “You will get him next time!”

Turtle race blog-6

He was a winner in their minds, and would win the next race.

As evening time neared, the cousins took their fast racing turtle and bid a tearful farewell to the children until tomorrow. The children took their sweet turtle and made him feel like a king in his own backyard. They decked out the wagon with mud, and some fruit, and a little bucket home for him to have sweet dreams in all night.

There was a night and a day, and as the next night was coming upon the children, one of them noticed that something was not right. Turtle race blog-5

This house is far too small, and not quite right for such a wonderful little turtle as they had found. Perhaps it needs a little more mud and some pine straw to soften his bed she thought to herself. So off she went to work in preparing his home to be much more to his, and her, liking. Only the best would do for that little baby turtle-the finest red clay, and softest pine straw were picked out. A bright yellow dish and plate were crafted out of gold so as to serve him his food and water in style.

Turtle in wagon blog-1

Hand cut grapes and the finest of lettuce were placed on his plate for him to enjoy. He delighted much in the golden bowl that was placed in his new home, and took a nice swim before dinner to cool off and refresh his little turtle legs, and clean his shell.

Turtle in wagon blog-2

And though the little turtle loved all the attention he was getting, there were times he wished he were back home. He tried with all his might to climb out of his new home, but to no avail. He was stuck. How would he let his new friends know how much he missed his family?

Turtle in wagon blog-3

The only thing to do was what every brave little turtle would do. Refuse to eat until the children would have no choice but to return him to his real home in the woods. It was hard. Those juicy grapes and crunchy lettuce leaves were calling his name. But firm he stayed. One day passed. Then two. He could hear the worry in the children’s voices and they surveyed what he had eaten. He knew he was mere hours away from freedom.

Finally, one of the long haired children took him out of his red metal home, and announced to the others she was returning him to the woods. There were tears, and shrieks of sadness from the others. The turtle smiled inside realizing how much he was loved. The tears turned to calm talks of love and care for their sweet baby turtle from the children’s mother.

The children walked him slowly to the edge of the woods, and set him down. They said their good byes and wished the baby turtle well on his journey home. Promises of a safe place to stay if he ever needed were uttered from their lips, and off he went to find his family. He turned only once to see the children again, but then trudged onward in hopes of living happily ever after.

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