{ Destin Florida Trip-Day 1 The Wedding }

We planned our trip to Destin for the same weekend that my brother Mike was getting married. We drove down Friday, had the wedding that night, and then spent all day Saturday playing and drove back that night. It was a quick trip, but a lot of fun! It felt like we had just been there with everyone, and I couldn’t understand why the kids were SO excited. I knew going to the beach was fun, but they were beyond excited. When we went back and looked through our pictures we realized it had been almost  5 years since we had been there as a family! Some of the kids hadn’t even seen the beach before. I couldn’t believe so much time had gone by since we had been there. It turned out to be a beautiful weekend for some playing.

Kids by water 2 blog

We went straight to the beach to help set up for the wedding, and the kids were great sports to “play” at the beach and still staying somewhat clean.

Girls in water blog

Kids at beach blog

When we got to the beach we had a hard time finding the place that was supposed to be reserved for them. We saw some other wedding parties setting up, and had found our spot by the process of elimination. After we had the bamboo alter, and table for the cake all set up, another wedding party came looking for their spot. The spots were not marked good at all, and we had ended up setting up in the wrong spot. They offered to just set up in our spot, but since they had a lot more people attending than we did and that spot was by the pavilion where they told there party they were, we moved. Mike had rushed back to get dressed and pick up the girls, so Aaron and I moved everything with the kids help. We were totally sweaty! I was glad I was just the photographer/supportive older sister, and not the bride that day. I was happy that Desirea didn’t have to worry about it, and was able to stay looking nice until she got there. It was such a hot day!

This was the first wedding that I had photographed and I was super nervous. I was thrilled when I saw the pictures-they turned out so great. I was really happy for the experience, mostly to help me appreciate how much work being a wedding photographer would be. It’s a tough job for sure. The kids were great to let me take some quick pictures of them. They were SO hot. Our nice wedding dress turned out to be sweaty hair, sticky clothes, and red faces.

Destin Family picture

Kids at Destin

I usually say “Just one picture”, knowing I can get quite a few out of them. Not today. One picture meant one picture for them.

Brianna Destin

Brianna 13 Years old

Austin Destin

Austin 11 Years Old

Brooke Destin 1

Brooke 8 Years Old

Erika Destin

Erika 6 Years Old

Abby Destin

Abby 5 Years Old

Scott in Destin

Scott 2 1/2 Years Old

Ryan Destin

Ryan 10 Months Old

After we finished taking the wedding pictures, we changed clothes and went out to eat at one of our favorite seafood places-Joe’s Crab Shack. It was super busy there, but we were hungry for crab legs we were willing to wait. We had such a big party that we ended up waiting for about a half hour to get in (which wasn’t bad), but then had to wait at our table for another hour. It was almost 11:30pm before we got our food. It tasted even better since we had to wait so long. We used our time being a little crazy with the crab crackers…

Aaron and Brianna out to eat blog

Destin out to eat..and feeding the kids tons of saltine crackers. They were so tired by the time their food even came. 

Mike and Desirea out to eat

We ate and then crashed hard at our hotel.

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