{ Mike and Desirea’s Wedding }

I am still in my constant catch up mode from last summer even. This house building thing totally threw me for a loop, but I will get caught up! Here are some pictures I took for my brother Mike at his wedding down in Destin, Florida in September. It was so beautiful there, and SO hot. I was happy to get to document this special time in their life. Congratulations! We love you guys!

Mike and Desirea by beach 1 blog

Mike and Desirea by beach 2 blog

Their wedding ceremony was preformed on a strip of beach they had rented for the night. It was nice to have a slice of the beach all to ourselves. Mike and Desirea built this bamboo alter, and Desirea did all the flowers. It turned out beautiful!

Wedding arch blog

Wedding arch close up blog

Ceremony up close blog

Kissing at alter blog

Kissing at alter 2 blog

The whole Family-Mike, Desirea, Tayleigh, and Tori. Desirea also made the girls dresses. They were so beautiful and classy. I love that pink color. Desirea is so creative-I love having such a talented sister-in-law.

Family picture under arch blog

Family Picture by beach blog

Tayleigh from side blog

Tayleigh blog

Family walking on beach close up_edited-1 blog

Family walking on beach far away blog

This one is one of my favorites from the whole day.

Family Picture with Tori blog

Some of the bride.

Desirea with flowers blog

Desirea close up blog

Desirea with rings and flowers blog

It was so hot there that day that by the time it was time to cut the cake, it was almost melted. I love the little twist they did on the regular feeding/smashing-of-the-cake. They were about to feed each other the cake, and the girls were all eagerly looking on as we were kind of heckling them about smashing it into each other’s face. They were about to, but then turned and let Tayleigh have a little cake. She was completely taken by surprise, but such a good sport about it. I think she secretly loved getting to taste the cake before everyone else.

Cutting the cake close up blogEating cake blog

Feeding cake to Tayleigh blog

Tayleigh with smashed cake arch blog

Tayleigh with smashed cake blog

Tayleigh with smashed cake close up blog

Rings with cake in background blog

Love those cute little chubby baby hands!

Mike and Desirea hands blog

Looking at each other blog

Kissing by beach blog

Mike and Desirea backs looking at ocean blog

Mike and Desirea looking out into water blogMike and Desirea by water  blog

Mike and Desirea looking at each other_edited-1 blogMike and Desirea sunset close up blog

Mike and Desirea in sunset blog

…And they lived happily ever after

Footprints of love blog

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