{ Funny Scottisms” }

  • The other day I was making lunch and asking everyone if they wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. I got to Scott and he politely said, “No, I want a boy sandwich instead.”
  • Lately whenever we ask him to do something or he is being teased by someone, he explodes and in this funny half exasperated voice says, “I’m just a boy!”  Lots of pressure being 3.
  • Here was our lunchtime conversation a couple weeks ago:

“I need a new belly button.”

“Why? What’s wrong with the one you have?”

“It’s a little floppy, see?” He sucks his stomach in and out in a wave motion.

“Yeah, you might need a new one.”

  • In the mornings he likes to pretend that he is sick. He pretends to gag, and asks for a bowl like he’s going to lose it any second. He plays it up for a little while and then laughs, “I’m just kidding.” I think he has seen Abby playing “sick” one too many times.
  • He has this favorite pair of jeans shorts that used to be Austin’s (they were his favorite too) that he wants to wear every day. He insists they aren’t dirty, and quite frankly for around the house it’s really not a fight I want to win. They have tons of pockets in them, that’s why he likes them so much. They must have been at least semi-clean the other day because he was wearing them out in public to my brother-in-laws military Officer graduation. The boys were so loud we ended up spending the graduation in the hall where Scott was proudly announcing to anyone who would listen that his pants had lots of pockets in them. A lady asked if he had any money in his pockets. He explained that he lost his wallet so he would have to get some more money, but he did have this-and he pulls out his sister’s diary keys on a pink ribbon. I think the lady was impressed.
  • At naptime he likes to read his new truck book from Valentine’s Day. It has little flap like windows that slide open and closed. After we read each page he says EVERYTIME, “I’ll shut them because it’s my book!” Every page. Every time. Every day.
  • Whenever Ryan grabs the phone off of the table or the counter and is trying to push the buttons, Scott screams, “Mom, Ryan’s calling China!”
  • I was telling Scott later in the day how Erika had gotten up and was eating breakfast with Aaron at eight o’clock. He looked at me with a confused look on his face and said “Daddy ate a clock?”

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Dre + Drew - Midwest Living - Iowa City said...

OH the things kids say so fun to record for them to read when they are older!

THanks for your encouraging words on my last post. Love you!!!