{ Destin Florida Trip-Day 2 The Beach }

We chose to stay at a hotel in Sandestin, which we loved. When Aaron and I came to Destin for my birthday last year we had stayed in a hotel here, and it was so nice to be within walking distance of the beach. Our hotel was the very left one on the bottom picture.

Sandestin resort blog

sandestin resort 2 blog

We slept in a little, ate a quick breakfast, and then headed to the beach just across from the parking lot. With our room we were able to get a free umbrella rental, which was great with the babies, and also a few hours of boogie board rentals too. The kids went straight to the water, while I hung out with the little boys on the beach. Aaron went to meet Mike and Desirea and their kids outside the resort gate to let them in so we could hang out together for a bit. They were headed to Sea World for a week long fun family honeymoon later that day, but the kids had a blast being able to swim together before they had to head out.

Brianna and Ryan blog

Brianna holding Ryan blog

Ryan at beach blog

I am so in love with his little curls. The humidity made them super curly all day long. Ryan loved the beach, and was most interested in eating the sand. I don’t what it is with kids and eating sand, but he was eating it by the handfuls.

Ryan eating sand blog

Under umbrella at beach blog

Ryan and Tori hanging out under the umbrella with Brianna and Desirea.

Three cousins blog

Erika, Tayleigh, and Abby

Abby on board blogErika on board blogErika on board 2 blogScott playing in sand at beach blog

The weekend we went, the ocean had tons of seaweed in it. It normally is crystal clear, I felt kind of bad for talking it up so much to my brother, only to have a tons of seaweed there. The place we swam though, had a sand bar out a little ways. If you swam out past this 6-7ft deep part to the sandbar the water was totally clear and bright blue. It was beautiful. We took turns swimming out with the kids, and while we were out there we saw at least a dozen jelly fish. Aaron got stung on his side, and we watched a guy pick up this huge dead one. It was the biggest one I had ever seen in real life.

After we had had our fill of sand and sand castle building, we said our goodbyes to Mike and Desirea, and then went to swim in the hotel pool for a few more hours. We ate a quick supper picnic, and then headed back. It was a super quick trip, but so worth it. Every time we come we say we should come back sooner, and stay longer. I think that will have to be a must for next year.

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