{ For The Love of Tulips }

Tulips are by far my favorite flower. Last November we had bought two large packs of tulips bulbs at Sam’s Club in hopes of getting out and planting them with the kids sometime over Thanksgiving Break. The weather never seemed to cooperate for us, so in the garage they sat. When my parents came to visit us over Christmas, they gave me one of the best birthday/Christmas gifts I could ask for. They planted almost 100 tulip bulbs for me in the front area of our house. We have had such a mild winter-with the exception of the two days that they were trying to plant them. It was probably the coldest it had been all winter. But the outdoorsy troopers that they are, they bundled up and were determined to plant all of them.

The kids helped them dig up some better soil from the back woods, and Austin passed off some service hours for Boy Scouts, and together they planted them all. Since, it hadn’t been very cold this winter we wondered if they would even come up and bloom. As the first part of March came the kids would give me daily updates of the little green buds poking up out of the pine straw.

Tulips blog-1

They didn’t all come up, but the ones that did were so beautiful. Hopefully by next year they will have had some extra time to grow and will surprise us with a front yard full of tulips. Thank you mom and dad, they are so beautiful!

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