{ Sleeping Beauty }

I don’t think I have ever had a child be so tired while they were in Kindergarten. Abby has been having a super hard time this year-I don’t know if it’s because they start the school day a little earlier or what, but she is SO tired and a lot of mornings SO grumpy. (see Abby’s emotional goal for this year) There are many mornings that she complains that she doesn’t feel well, so she can sleep in. A lot of the time I give in and let her sleep, but sometimes we end up helping her with everything from getting dressed to eating to brushing her teeth just to get her going. Some mornings it’s kind of funny to listen to her new excuse of why she can’t go to school-her neck was sore was her latest one (not throat, just neck). Of course it got better later when Scott needed someone to play with.

After school almost everyday she falls asleep. I am glad she hasn’t fallen asleep and gotten left on the school bus yet, but after being home about an hour, she’s gone. She usually falls asleep up in the playroom or in the car if we go pick up Brianna and Austin from soccer or track practice, but lately she has been doing this:

Abby sleeping at the table blog-1

…Sleeping at the table.

This night she actually laid down on the bench to sleep, but many nights she will just put her head down right on the table and we think she is looking at something on the floor, until we realize she has been quiet for quite sometime, and is dead asleep.

Abby sleeping at the table blog-2

We carefully carry up to her bed, and there she sleeps until morning.

One day she was throwing a fit about something, and I asked her to go upstairs to her room. She fussed that she was too tired (which was probably why she was throwing a fit in the first place), and slowly stomped/crawled up the stairs. At the top of the stairs she threw herself down and proceeded to fuss. I went downstairs to continue making dinner, and when I went back upstairs for something a while later, she was asleep at the top of the stairs. She was on her tummy with her hand outreached like she was trying but just couldn’t go any farther. Poor thing.

I think this girl is definitely a girl after my own heart-one that LOVES to take naps! Unfortunately, Kindergarten these days doesn’t have a naptime like they used to, so until then we will just enjoy having an extra girl around some days to share naptime with us.

Sweet dreams Abby!

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