{ Austin’s 10th Birthday }

Austin 10 year old picture blog

10 years ago when I was pregnant with this handsome young man, I was due on Mother’s Day. He ended up being delivered by C-Section early because he was breech, but now 10 years later we finally get to celebrate a day together. Mother’s Day and his birthday. I was looking at the list I made last year of things he liked to do at 9, and really not much has changed. He still loves the outdoors much more than the indoors, he climbs trees and anything else he can find, he still goes barefoot everywhere, and he still is my sweet boy. I can always count on him to be in tune if I am in a bad mood and he will try to lift my spirits. He loves to play around with Scott so much. They wrestle and tickle each other and act just like boys! All the girls in the family adore Austin. They follow him around outside waiting for the next great idea he has of what to play, and at dinner or at movie night everyone wants to sit by him. We love you so much Austin. We love the great young man you are becoming and the sweet peace you bring to our home. Happy 10th Birthday!

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