{ Brooke’s Award Ceremony }

As the school year comes to an end, each grade at the kids school hosts an award ceremony to recognize the kids achievements throughout the year. Brooke’s was today, and she was excited to find out the awards that she got. They don’t give out too many here, most are back in the classroom-so Brooke was honored to get a couple of awards in front of the whole first grade and all their parents.

Brooke awards ceremony She waited patiently for the ceremony to begin. I love her little fingers all markered up with markers. She constantly has marker tattooed hands from all the coloring she does.When we can’t find Brooke, she is most likely in the playroom coloring something.

Brooke showing award Okay, totally blurry picture taken from the back of the room with a squirmy toddler on my lap and a talkative four year old standing up balancing on one foot on the chair next to me, but I love it! Why you may wonder. Because one of my own children without any prompting, stopped, turned to me and smiled for a picture! And not only that, she did it twice!

Brooke with award Brooke ended up receiving an honor roll award for getting all A’s throughout the year and also the creative writing award. We are really proud of you Brooke, and love you so much!


Dre + Drew - Midwest Living - Iowa City said...

Loved catching up with all the fun posts! I have been anxiously waiting. Loved Brooke's picture, so proud! Scotty is adorable with those two binkies, I know Ashton still is not weened!!! Will I ever yes for sure before preschool. I too like the peace and quiet especially with an infant. You are beautiful I am glad you posted a photo of you and Scott!

Lisa said...

Good for you, Brooke!!