{ Mother’s Day }

I love the way my kids and husband always spoil me on Mother’s Day. Homemade cards and gifts, flowers from Aaron, a meal I don’t have to make, and letting me take pictures of all my cute kids. I love being a mother. I don’t think I ever realized how much work it would be, and more important how much joy I would have. There’s something about looking into the eyes of these sweet little people that makes you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. They are so precious and I love them dearly.Kids Picture blogThanks family for letting me feel the joy of being your mother. I love you!

Brianna blog

Brianna 11 years

Austin 10 year old picture blogAustin 10 years

Brooke blogBrooke 7 years 

Erika blog

Erika 5 years

Abby blogAbby 4 years

Scott blogScott 17 Months

  Scott blowing flower 1    Scott blowing flower 2  Scott blowing flower 3   Scott blowing flower 4

Aaron and Scott

Aaron 37 Years.

Man, I love this guy!!


Libby said...

Wow. You have such a beautiful family. I especially love the picture of all the kids together. Stunning.

Lisa said...

And where is the picture of you?? Great pictures. Where is this field? It's perfect... except for the biting ants, right?

Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

Beautiful photos Monae! You do have one amazing family. I am so glad we got to reconnect again. Andrew admires and looks up to Aaron so much. We are so glad we can keep in touch via the blog world. We will miss your sweet family. Thanks for everything.