{ Austin’s 10th Birthday Party }

We celebrated Austin’s birthday on Saturday by going out to eat with our friends the Johnsons at Red Robin, having the Johnson kids over to play, opening presents, having cake, and playing together the rest of the day. He had saw his presents wrapped and setting out on the front table for a couple days and had his guesses of what they might be. Lucky for him, the girls aren’t real great at keeping secrets so he had guessed a few before he actually got to open them.

          Austin opening presents blog     Austin with new watch blog

I love this picture of Austin and Scott. He just adores that boy so much. I kid him that he spoils Scott. He can’t bear to see him cry, so if he is in his crib at night supposed to be going to sleep, Austin will sneak in and try to rescue him. He gives him almost anything he wants and is so kind to him. I love to see my boys love each other. He is obviously showing him the ropes so that by Scott’s 2 year birthday he will be an expert in gift unwrapping.Austin showing Scott presents blog  For his birthday Austin didn’t have any outlandish requests, and was happy with all the cool things he received.

  • Lots of new clothes
  • Bop-It game
  • LaCrosse sticks
  • A new watch (one of his only requests)
  • A Sole Skate

          Austin on foot board blog      Austin with foot board blog

Austin with cake blog

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benilhalk said...

He looks so happy! My son also turned 15 this month, we booked one of the home studios NYC for his birthday celebration. It doesn’t feel like he is that old now, time literally flies! I am happy that he is growing, he has become quite responsible.