{ Binkie X 2 }

Scott two binkies

Scott has continued the tradition at our house of being in love with his binkie. At night he likes to sleep with two of them, but inevitably ends up losing them behind his crib. He cries, then in walks sleepy-eyed mommy to the rescue to move his crib out from the wall and retrieve his precious binkie. You would think the hassle would be enough for me to just wean him off of it, but no chance. The convenience and quiet it too much to pass up for now.

At dinner tonight he was being his funny self, and thought he would put on a show for us by putting both binkies in his mouth. He loves the attention he gets at dinner time, and makes a regular routine of trying to do things to amuse us during his after dinner show.


Lisa said...

Matthew loves his too and is SOOO easy to put to bed. Why would I want to change that?

Nancy said...

THAT is a cute kid.

Had computer troubles off and on...it's fun to be back online & to see your cute kids.