{ It’s a …BOY! }

My ultrasound appointment was scheduled for this morning, and the kids had been counting down the days. We left them at home with Brianna in charge (I am loving having a built in babysitter), and Aaron and I went to the hospital alone to see the first few peaks of our little baby. We were considering begging the tech to write down on a piece of paper the baby’s gender, but they are so funny about that and usually won’t do it. I decided that I am not one for surprises and it may be best to find out first and then surprise the kids. Everything looked good. The baby was kicking the ultrasound doppler and not in a good position to see all of the spine (lucky for me I get to have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks to see baby again), but the tech was sure she could tell the gender. A boy! It will be so fun to have two boys close in age.

The last pictures that she took he was sucking his thumb and had the hiccups. It always so exciting to get to actually SEE your baby move around and kick and know they are healthy and strong.

New baby ultrasound scan blog

The kids wanted to be surprised about the gender of the baby, so Aaron and I came up with a plan to tell them. We stopped by the mall and picked up a cute little onesie that said little brother on it and wrapped it up with one of the ultrasound pictures. The tag on the top of the present said:

“Congratulations! You are the proud big brothers and sisters to a brand new..”

New brother onesie blog 

We offered to have them open it up right when we got home or bring it to the pool where our friends were waiting to go swimming and open it there. As excited as they were, they opted to bring it with us to the pool and share our joy with our friends.

The kids were split in their votes for what they thought the baby would be. Austin, Brooke, and Erika thought it would be a boy; and Brianna and Abby thought it would be a girl. We let Scott open the box (he being a neutral party to the matter), and all were excited to see that the newest little Starbuck would be a little boy. We can’t wait to meet you little brother!


Libby said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Little boys are so much fun! (I know you already know that, but I had to tell myself that with every boy ultrasound I had, so I thought I'd throw it out there for you, too. :))

Lisa said...

Two little boys is just perfect!! Can't believe how close he is to coming. Names yet?