{ Hansel Play Starring Austin }

Austin Hansel 1Austin Hansel 2

Austin has been participating in Drama Kids at school this year. Their end of school play was a parody of lots of different nursery rhymes and stories. Austin was Hansel from the story Hansel and Gretel.  

Austin lines    Austin smiling    Austin saying someones lines

It was fun to see his cute sense of humor come out on stage. He remembered all of his lines and even some of the other kids. In the last picture, he had mouthed someone else's lines, and then covered his mouth when he realized what he was doing. It has been a fun year for him, and one of sacrifice too. He showed real dedication to go after school one day a week instead of coming home and going outside to play. For Austin, that’s HUGE! Good job superstar!

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Lisa said...

Cute. That ribbon was perfect for his costume. Good job Austin! We miss you.