{ Erika’s Pre-K Field Day }

Erika and Abby Pre-K Field Day blog

Today was Erika’s first field day, and she was so excited. She has reminded me all week of all five things she needed to bring with her.

  1. Wear shorts
  2. Wear tennis shoes
  3. Wear sunscreen
  4. Bring Water
  5. Wear a white shirt for her Pre-K class color

Abby, Scott, and I were happy to tag along and join in in some of the fun activities she did. They raced under parachutes, ran relays, played on the playground, played with hula hoops, and finally after the kids were all hot and very tired-went inside. I think all the kids took a nap that day during rest time.

Erika with Parachute blog

        Erika holding parachute blog      Erika running under parachute blog      Erika running relay blog

Erika Pre-K blog

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