{ Abby’s Gift to Scott }

Abby had Scott this year, and she was SO excited to give her gift. Her gift to Scott was a lot of mommy- inspiration-as-I-was-laying-in-bed-and-couldn’t-fall-asleep, and a lot of tender mercies from the Lord to find just the right stuff. Abby decided she would give Scott an interactive book/toy. We had a small board book titled: The Mitten by Jan Brett. It is a cute story of a boy who wants his Grandma to make him white mittens. He loses one that becomes a home to a bunch of small animals.

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Our idea was to get a lady in our ward to crochet a huge mitten for us (Abby part that was handmade), and then find all the animals to go inside of it. As Scott got the story read to him, he could put the animals in one by one. Abby picked out the yarn she wanted to use, and was adamant it had to be used. I tried convincing her of some other yarn, but no this was the yarn. It ended up turning out SO cute with this yarn. It was soft and fluffy, and absolutely perfect. Abby was so surprised when she saw the final mitten all sewed up. She just kept looking at me, and would do this little wink and say “Mom, Scotty’s present..” and smile a sly little smile. It was so fun to watch.

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Finding all the right animals was the part that was all pure blessings. Some of the animals that go inside were kind of unusual-like a badger, a mole, and a hedgehog. How in the world would I find those? Well, just go to ToysRUs, and right in the middle of the isle you’ll find a tall cart full of animals-just the ones you need. I found a rabbit, a hedgehog, a fox, an owl, and a raccoon we used for the badger. They all were made to make sounds when you squeezed them. What a perfect touch for Scott. We found the little mouse, the bear, and the mole online and at another store, and the mitten was complete. It turned out so cute! They all fit inside along with the book for storage, or to carry around.

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Abby giving her gift Christmas morning

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Lisa said...

Such cute little animals!! Good job finding them all! What an adorable present.