{ Our Homemade Christmas }

This year for Christmas, we decided to have the kids draw names for who they would give a gift to. In years past we have had them each give gifts to everyone else, but this year we thought it would be fun to have each one of them focus on just one person. The kids had actually wanted to do this last year, but we were already a bit late in the game to start it. This year we picked names around the time that Ryan was born, so they each had a few months to work on their gift. As part of the gift giving this year, we went back to our 3 gift rule. One gift from mom and dad, one gift from each other, and one gift from Santa. (Actually four gifts because they always get new pajamas as well). Since this was the only gift they were getting from each other, we wanted to make sure that it was something special.

We allowed them each a certain amount of money for a budget, and the only other rule was that part of it had to be homemade. We really tried to work with each of the kids to listen, observe, and try to pick something that they knew the other person wanted, needed, or would be unique to that person. We helped them think about that person’s likes, dislikes, talents, interests, and other things that made that person special so the gift would truly be something from the heart. It turned out to be one of the most memorable and heart touching Christmases we have had. Definitely more work than other years, but truly gifts that were given from the heart.

The weeks working up to Christmas our house was transformed into Santa’s workshop, with secret gift making stations behind every door. There were lots of “No peaking!” and “Don’t go in there” talks happening. That only intensified the excitement for everyone. I think the best part was watching them be so excited for each and every person as they would open their gift. We had the kids each tell about why they picked this particular gift for the person so that they could each see that that brother or sister really had noticed them and loved them.

Christmas morning blog

The kids on Christmas morning 2010

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