{ Ryan’s First Christmas }

I still think having a baby close to Christmas is just the funnest thing. The joy that comes with a newborn in the house  just bleeds right over to the joy of the season. I often reflect of when the Savior was a baby-how he must have had his first smile or lookied in wonder at the world around Him, all sweet moments to watch in your newborn. Ryan has two older brothers to help lead him around and show him the ropes this Christmas. Scott was happy to help him open his presents. He got new penguin pajamas for his Christmas pajamas this year. They only had 6-12 months size, and they almost fit him! We have a big boy on our hands.

Austin and Ryan in PJs blog

Ryan first christmas smiling blog

Ryan first christmas smiling 2

Ryan first christmas tongue out blog

Boys Christmas Eve blog

     All my boys! Austin 10 years, Scott 2 years, and Ryan 2 months old.

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