{ Brooke’s Gift to Austin }

Brooke drew Austin’s name this year, and ended up surprising Austin with a new suit. We had gone to the store several times and Austin would keep mentioning his desire for a new suit. I would nonchalantly make a “that’s nice” comment, all the while knowing that Brooke had a Christmas surprise in the works. Brooke and me snuck into Austin’s room and carefully took measurements of his pants and shirts to make sure we would get the right size. We waited until Kohl’s had their suits on sale, and then went in search of the perfect suit. We searched through rack after rack and were not finding his size. We finally had to get one size smaller of coat, but had a last minute miracle when I returned to Kohl’s for another return and saw his size on the rack.

Brooke’s homemade part of her gift was a small notebook that would fit right inside his top coat pocket. She labeled it “Austin’s Sunday Notebook”. She handwrote the sacrament prayers in the front of the book, and then wrote the date for each Sunday of the year on the following pages. He would them have a page already labeled to take notes in each and every Sunday. She wrapped up the notebook and hid it in his coat pocket. She filled the other pockets of his coat and pants with other small gifts. Gum, mints, a new tie, small Hungary hippo game, Beanz toys, and new church socks.

We wrapped up his suit with all the hidden surprises in it, then added his gift under the tree until the big day.

Brooke giving her gift Christmas morning

Brooke and Austin blog

Austin opening present blog

Austin trying on suit blog

Austin opening book blog 

Austin and Brooke hugging blog

Brooke and Austin in suit blog

I love how the kids each got to use the talents they were given to make something special for someone else. Brooke LOVES writing and organizing stuff, and was really excited to make this book for Austin. It was so fun to watch Austin strut around in his new suit all day-I don’t think I have seen a kid so excited to wear a suit before. He made the comment, “I need to get a job when I can wear a suit everyday”. He totally sounds like Uncle Mitch when he got back from his mission. Can’t wait to see it on tomorrow for church.

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