{ Erika’s Gift to Brianna }

Erika’s gift to Brianna was my lesson is flexibility. Erika had decided she was going to make a full length mirror for Brianna-something Brianna had been hinting at for a long time. I thought, no problem, we will go get a regular mirror from Lowe’s, let Erika help me put some boards together for a frame, she can paint the frame, and there you go, a fancy new mirror. Well, after our first visit to the hardware store, we found that the right molding for the frame wasn’t to be found, and by the time we got back in the car Erika was loosing steam already. We went to plan B- buy a mirror from Hobby Lobby, and add a cute vinyl quote to the top for her homemade part. The quote ended up being too big, so we are saving it to put on the wall above the mirror instead. It says: “Happy Girls are the Prettiest” by Audrey Hepburn. A cute quote to remind my girls to start out each day with a smile. We added to her gift a pair of skinny jeans which Brianna had been relentlessly begging me for for months, so she could put her knew mirror to good use.

Erika giving her gift Christmas morning

Brianna with Erika blog

Brianna opening gift blog

Brianna looking at her present blog

girls hugging blog

Brianna with mirror blog  Brianna opening skinny jeans blog

Yeah for skinny jeans! Merry Christmas Brianna!

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