{ Ryan at 2 Months }

Ryan looking out window blog       Ryan playing with ear blog

Ryan eyes blog      Ryan big smile 2 blog

 Ryan grin blog      Ryan holding hair blog    

Ryan big smile blogjpg       Ryan pirate smile 2 blog

Ryan pirate smile blog      Ryan pirate grin blog

Our smiley baby is getting so big on us. Ryan is learning to smile, and it’s so much fun. He has started really focusing on watching something, and now he will watch our face, see us smile, and then brake out in a big grin. He has this sort of pirate grin that he does for us. He turns his head, eyes us with his eye, and then does a big “ARG Mate” kind of smile. It’s so cute! He still likes to hold onto the back of his hair, and sometimes even his ear too. Whenever we have to change his clothes (like today in these pictures) the girls will get their little fingers in under his chin or armpits and he will squeal in delight. I didn’t think a baby this young could be so ticklish, but he is super sensitive. Sometimes we will run our finger along the bottom of his foot and he squirms around smiling. I love this age!

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