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There is something magical about two. For some it is the terrible two’s-for us I think other ages have been more terrible, but two has been this changing, independent, coming of age time. Scott has grown so much in the last year. Since his seizure I was worried that he would become delayed in some areas, but we have been blessed beyond measure and he has developed and grown just fine. One area we were a bit concerned about was his speech. Aaron was more concerned than I was, I guess that mommy part of me just wanted to be patient and hope for the best. One day Aaron and I were talking while Scott was in his high chair. Aaron was telling me about what was “normal” for a two year old, and how he should be stringing some words together to make a phrase. Scott would say a couple of words, and I would say reassuredly , “see, that’s a phrase!” After a few times, Scott spoke up and says. “That’s a phrase!” with a big smile on his face. Yes, that most definitely is! Needless to say, our fears have been put aside. His speech has taken off almost the instant he turned two. It has amazed us, and has been a tender mercy to see the love of the Lord in this little boys life. Here are a few other things about Scott right now.

  • He LOVES his BYU shirt. When we bought them earlier this summer, he was obsessed with wearing it, and everyone else wearing theirs too. We say to him, “Scott what’s on your shirt?”, and he shouts, “Y,Y,Y"!” as he points to the big Y on the front and does a little jump up and down.

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  • He loves corners. Corners of his little feather pillow from Grandma Hoff, corners of his favorite blanket, corners on the collar of his shirt, corners on other people’s shirts, corners on rugs, corners on anything! He flicks it with his fingers whenever he is getting tired.
  • Still is a binkie sucker.
  • Loves to go outside to play with the big kids. His favorite things to do are try to ride Abby’s scooter, swing, and jump on the trampoline.
  • He has a really good memory. We will talk about how something is lost and he will disappear to go and find it and bring it to us.
  • He loves to eat pasta, chicken nuggets, Velvetta cheese, and bananas.
  • Has the cutest smile, but the second the camera comes out he shys up.

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  • Has little patience for a haircut. He used to be pretty good, but it is getting more difficult to distract him long enough to get through a whole haircut. Most of the time they look pretty bad-oh well such is life sometimes.
  • He gets really excited when Aaron comes home.
  • He likes to practice singing during FHE.
  • He knows how to climb out of his crib-thanks to Austin.
  • He knows how to turn on his light in his room.
  • He knows how to open his room door at night.
  • He knows how to come in our room at night and request something he “needs”. Usually more milk in his sippy cup.
  • He is getting better at saying everyone’s name in the family.
  • He like to bear his testimony at home every fast Sunday.
  • His nicknames are Scotty, Scotty-boy, Bubba-Tubba, and Bubbs.

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Lisa said...

We love his Y shirt too! Matthew is hardly talking at all... no stringing words together. I hope he starts talking soon. Scott, you are pretty cute!