{ Scott’s Golden Birthday }

I don’t think that even the most meticulous planning could have worked out to have two golden birthdays in one year, so by luck I guess, we got to have not only Brianna’s golden birthday, but also Scott’s this year. Our little boy turned two, and is becoming not so little anymore. It seems like over night he suddenly started becoming this little boy, instead of the toddler that used to walk around our house.

Scott with cake blog

Our theme for his golden birthday became an “Old-west-gold-mining-with-trains-and-lots of gold-nugget-chocolate-fun” kind of theme. It seemed perfect since Granddad Starbuck was visiting and works in a mine. With his birthday so close to Christmas we had a hard time choosing what to get him for his birthday. I had already picked out last year that I wanted to get him the Cars Geotrax train track set for Christmas. When we went to Toys ‘R Us they had it on sale, we got it…then sat looking at each other blankly as to what to get him for his birthday just a few weeks away. We wandered around every aisle, turning down one idea after the next. A kind associate asked if he could help, and he set out to fill our plea as to what to get a two year old boy…oh, and by the way, he is kid number six, and we have every imaginably toy already. Tall order I know. The associate’s ideas weren't any better than our own. Everything he suggested we either already had, or wasn’t that great. My imagines of this cute little train set up by the tree on Christmas morning soon went by the wayside, and we decided to just go with the whole western gold mining idea and give him the train set for his birthday. And I am so glad we did, it was so fun!

This cute train cake took center stage for our little boy. I remember one of my brothers having a train cake growing up, and I always wanted to do that for one of my kids. I managed to pull it together while Aaron took the kids out for a little bit. Many talents I have…cake decorating never is one of them. Every cake I have ever made I think has been lopsided, poorly frosted, never a beautifully decorated scene for sure. Luckily, my kids thought it was absolutely awesome, and it tasted great-that’s all that really matters anyway right? It was a white cake, and soooo moist. The best cake we have had in a while.

Scott cake blog 

Complete with chocolate chip “dirt” on every surface, Oreo wheels…

Scott cake engine blog

cars full of chocolate gold nuggets…

Scott cake gold car blog

and gold gum bags for everyone.

Cake gum blog

Add a little more Oreo dirt and some Oreo logs on the caboose we were good to go.

 Scott cake caboose blog

It was so cute to watch Scott being the center of attention. He is definitely not used to having all the attention, he kept looking around curious about what to do next. He had been practicing the happy birthday song since Erika’s birthday, and listened intently while everyone sang to him.

Scott cake 2 blog

Time for blowing out candles!

Scott cake 3 blog

One candle…

Scott blowing out candles blog

.. then two.

Scott blowing out candles 2 blog

And a high five to big brother to complete the birthday wish!

High five with Austin blog

It’s amazing how one year can make a huge difference in the present opening ability. Erika was fully prepared to step in and assist at any moment, but our big two year old managed to open his presents all by himself.

Scott opening puzzle 1 blog

Scott opening puzzle 2 blog

He got this cute wooden puzzle that has latches and buckles on it to undo and redo again and again. He is really good at puzzles, so we thought this one would be a good challenge for him.

             Scott with puzzle blog       Scott puzzle 2 blog

The big present of the night didn’t come without some major excitement building. We had pumped all the kids up for his gift, and then promptly set them on the couch to stay put until he opened it all by himself. It was pure agony for them, but so much fun for everyone when they all finally saw what he got.

Scott present kids on couch blog

He was totally preoccupied with his new toy, and was not about to take his eyes off of it for a second to take a picture. He kept telling me about his “cars”, and then tried his hardest to get them out.

present 2 blogpresent blogscott opening box blog

 Scott geotrax looking blog

While Aaron put together the track for him, he snuck away for a few golden treats, and for my favorite picture of the day too. Truly a golden moment with a loving sister. Happy Birthday Scott! _DSC8062 blog

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Lisa said...

Yeah, I'm so glad to see some pictures of the family! What a great golden birthday. I'm sure he loves his Geotrax. We love them too!