{ Day 5- Thankful for Practicality }

A couple of weeks ago I bought a fun new home decorating item. A cool old wooden trencher. I have admired them for the last couple of years, but couldn’t commit to finding one I liked.  I finally worked some ebay magic and found one that I liked the color, size, and shape. Since I am a bit picky with the accessories in my home, I was a bit worried I may not like it, but since I had my eye on them for so long and still liked the look of them, I knew that it would be a keeper. I love the idea of an old well worn piece mixed with the new. When it arrived I loved it! It was money well spent, and my mind was swirling with ideas of what to put in it-Indian corn and small pumpkins for the fall; oversized ornaments, fake snow, and berries in the winter; bunches of spring flowers in the spring and summer. Old magazines or books anytime of the year. I was giddy with excitement. It sat peacefully on the console table by my front door until I had time to fill it with just the right fall items. As I was picking up the front room for the night, I passed by it and found this:

toys in bowl blog

My perfectly available new wood trencher filled to the brim with race cars, a tangles slinky, toy guns, a watch, and a host of other “boy toys” that Scott and Austin had put in it.

No need to fret about decorating at our house. The practical solution seems to be best.

Empty bowl equals a free space for toys.

Decorating accomplished.

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