{ Day 8-Thankful For Date Nights }

I love our date nights! We haven’t always been consistent with our date nights, but since Aaron got called as the bishop we have made sure we get one in at least a couple times a month. There were times when I have thought I might need to sign up for a few tithing settlement slots just so I can see him during the week.

A couple weeks before Ryan was born, we decided to spend our date night going out to eat at Houlihans, and then to a movie. We haven’t been to a movie just the two of us in years. We went to see the movie Secretariat. I’m not one for recommending movies, but it was great!

image image

When we walked in there were only a dozen people there, including us, and I think we were the only ones under the age of 50. Kind of funny, but a sign to me it must be a great family movie. I would definitely take my kids to see it. There wasn’t any curse words in the whole thing, and it was a sweet little story.

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