{ Day 3- Thankful For Persistence }

There is a wide open field not to far from my house. I pass it almost anytime we go anywhere. There is a large wooden sign that stands at the corner of the lot and reads in large letters, “Future home of the Second Baptist Church”. What’s so great about that? That sign has been there since we moved here SEVEN years ago. A couple times a year they have a spring carnival or fall festival there, to raise money I am sure to build there future church home. Seven years! Maybe that’s just how long it takes to build a church, but my thoughts turned another direction when I passed it the other day. What persistence! With the state of the economy, I am sure dreams that were thought out seven years ago when all was great, might have been rethought, even cancelled, or at least put on the back burner until better times come along. And really for all I know,  maybe they are. But for now, that sign is a constant reminder to me to keep moving forward, proudly keeping with your dreams. Even if it takes seven years.

I was thinking of putting my own big sign on “our” lot that said, “Future home of STARBUCKS”, but I have a feeling there may be some confusion in the neighborhood.