{ Day 10-Thankful Things From The Kids }

Tonight for Family Home Evening we all wrote in our journals about things that we are thankful for. Here are a few things that each of the kids said that they were thankful for. It was fun to hear all the things that they thought of all on their own.


“I am Thankful for… (we sat Scott on the computer desk and asked him what he was thankful for. He was getting lots of encouraging ideas from the other kids, and here’s how the conversation went-)

“Scott what are you thankful for?”

“Ry, Ry” (Ryan)

“What else are you thankful for?”

“Esus (Jesus)” as he points to a picture of Jesus on the desk

“What else?” “For Austin?”(Austin’s suggestion)


“For diapers?”(Austin’s suggestion)


“For cookies”

Pause…”No” “for BUBBA!”(Bubba is Scott’s nickname)


“I am Thankful for…

  • my family
  • Ryan, because he’s little
  • that Scott and Ryan will grow up
  • that Grandma is coming to our house
  • Ryan because he’s tiny and cute
  • that it’s almost going to be Valentine’s Day (she didn’t mean Thanksgiving or Christmas, really Valentine’s Day. I guess almost is all relative)
  • that Scott’s almost going to be two
  • Scott because he has a lot of toys in his closet
  • you (mommy) because you are pretty (I didn’t even have to give her a cookie to say this one)
  • someone gave Ryan a new blanket (Thank you Evan’s family)
  • my new bed blanket
  • Jesus is nice
  • a house because if we didn’t we would get wet


I am Thankful for…

  • my family because I love they are pretty and handsome.
  • my Grandma and Grandpa because they give me money for my birthday.
  • my books because I am learning how to read.
  • Ryan Starbuck because he is cute.
  • my family because every time I get hurt they will take care of me.


“I am Thankful for…

  • my house.
  • my car to drive to places.
  • school because than we wouldn’t know anything
  • my family.
  • my parents so than we wouldn’t be here.
  • my church to go to to learn about Jesus Christ.
  • my bed so I wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor.
  • my shoes and my clothes so I would stay warm.
  • my Heavenly Father so he can guide me from wrong and right.
  • the earth so we can live on it.


I am Thankful for…

  • a house to live in because if we didn’t have a house to live in than we would get all wet and stuff from the rain.
  • the outdoors because if I didn’t than I couldn’t have anywhere to run.
  • my mistakes because if we didn’t make mistakes than we couldn’t learn anything.
  • I am also extra, extra thankful for my parents because if I didn’t have my parents I wouldn’t be here.


I am Thankful for…

  • friends at church. They know our standards and they respect us for them. They always make sure I’m ok and they don’t leave anyone out.
  • school. I love school. I love being able to learn about things in the real world and the teachers want to teach me. Some of them only care about the money, even though they don’t get paid a lot, but I know some of them actually care about me.
  • my parents. They care for me and my safety. They punish me so that I can learn. They teach me about the gospel.
  • the earth. It provides food, air, shelter, and water for us to live. It was given to use to be able to see if we are responsible, to have a body, and so we can return to live with our Father again.
  • the Atonement. If Jesus did not die for us we could not repent for our sins. There would be no reason to be baptized and we won’t be able to live in heaven again.
  • my body. I am able to do all the things that people in heaven a long time ago who chose to follow satan and did not get a body. I am able to do things they would never be able to do.
  • Becky. She is always there when I need her. She cares about me, helps me, loves me, and is a great cook. When I see her my day turned from black to white. She is an aunt from another grandma!=)

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