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Though there are very few signs that fall has arrived in our neck of the woods, it didn’t stop me from getting out all of our fall decorations a good 6 weeks ago. I love my “new” decorations this year. Mostly just a new arrangement of the old, and a few new things to spice things up a bit.  I am loving all the bright colors, and the more natural theme-lots of berries, grapevines, and wheat stalks. I love it! Much to my kids dismay, there were very few “Halloween” decorations. Erika kept asking when we are going to decorate for Halloween. I told her we already had, didn’t she see everything I put up? She was unimpressed.

 glass vases blog

My favorite vases.

wall blog

Austin informed me that “we really need to update those pictures on the wall.” I know, I know. Ordering new pictures should have been on my to do list, but I think it still would have had a “not done” mark next to it. I have uploaded them, now I just can’t decide what sizes I want. I don’t know why I stress over little things like that. Until then, enjoy the old pictures of my kids. That baby at the bottom is Erika, just for some reference on how old these pictures are. 

wreaths blog

whole wall blog

I love these little wreaths. I found them at Michaels for $.79 and the roll of ribbon for $1.50, so for under $5, I made all of them. I love how simply they are, but how nicely they add to the pictures already on the wall. They are great space fillers. I am sure for Christmas I might just be switching out the ribbon, lots of options.

Grapevine wreath blog

    I love my wall vases! I usually keep fresh flowers in them from spring throughout the fall, but I was getting a bit spent on changing the dying flowers so often. I have yet to find some fake ones that look as good as real flowers, so until then I tried another fake arrangement this year. I started with the berries I found at Target, and some random fuzzy looking things at Michael’s. It still looked kind of bare so I added the raffia tied around some, then finally I added some grapevine “ribbon” inside the vases. It’s amazing what things you can find if you wander around a craft store long enough. Who knew they made, grapevine ribbon.vase with berry blog

My mantel was mostly a mix of last years things, just reworked. I normally put these things on the table by our front door, but I really liked them up here this year, and they were out of reach from Scott. The few days I had them on the table he had already pulled a ton of berries off.

Mantel with pumpkins 2 blog

 Mantel close up blog  whole mantel blog

Mantel blog

whole mantel 2 blog

I had some wheat stalks from last year that were looking pretty sorry after being in the hot attic all summer, so I was super excited to find these at TJMaxx. When I got them, they were in these ugly looking clay pots, so I replaced the pots with these from JoAnne fabrics (50% off, yeah!) and then filled in the gaps with some mossy stuff. I love how they look. I put these on my front table instead. I must say I was feeling a bit crafty after I did these. Ha, Ha. I love to be creative, but not so much crafty lately.

          wheat stalks blog        wheat stalks close up blog

I am really enjoying my festive fall things this year. I love the orange. I wish I could find some cute orange fabric to make some throw pillows for the couch, but I haven’t found any I like. I may have to look on etsy for something fun.

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness.. I LOVE it! Everything looks so good and your photography is beautiful like always. I think I'm doing ok until I see your blog. How do you have the time for this? Yes, no 'Halloween' decorations around here either. Love the natural look. I found orange pillows last year at Target. Love them.