{ Day 9-Thankful For Feeling Loved }

I have noticed that the times that little Ryan is the happiest is when he is cuddled up warm in a blanket and held tight and safe in our arms. The last two Sunday’s Ryan has been so good as he was passed from person to person all during sacrament meeting, and then slept all through the rest of church in my arms.  He hasn’t woke up to eat the whole three hours, he just lays peacefully in my arms and rests.

I was thinking of times in my life when I have felt the most peacefully and safe. The times my parents have encouraged and unconditionally loved me. Reminiscing and talking with siblings. The patient loving moments my husband and I have shared together. The one on one times with my children. The fun laughter with friends. At times when I feel the most alone or sad, are the times I think that my priorities have somehow gotten off coarse and I have strayed from those relationships that help me feel the most loved.

There will be times when Ryan is sad and we will give him his pacifier to calm him. It may work for a while, but if his needs aren’t being met, it won’t last long. He will continue to spit it out until he gets fed or his diaper changed or just gets held close. I wonder if there are times when I try to be pacified with things that really won’t meet my needs. They may work for a while, but in the end, it’s those close relationships with our Heavenly Father, our family, and our friends that help us feel safe and loved. I am so thankful for those who show me that love and help me to feel that calm peace in my life.

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