{Ryan 14 days old}

Here are a few pictures of our sweet little Ryan. These were all taken in natural light. The first two had a big set of windows to the camera left, and the last one I repositioned him so the window was camera right.

ryan black and white horizontallog

ISO 400 f 2.5 ss 1/100 shot with 35mm

ryan arm black and white blog

ISO 320 f 2.5 ss 1/100 shot with 50mm

ryan cuddled up black and white_edited-1 copy blog

ISO 100 f 2.2 ss 1/100 shot with 50mm

ryan on tummy black and white 2 blog

ISO 400 f 2.8 ss 1/80 shot with 50mm

I took this series with the full intent of making them black and white, so I focused more on placement of the baby to get greater shadows and depth and keeping things simple. My big black backdrop is packed in a box, so I used a dark brown blanket instead. I was able to easily darker any areas I wanted to in post processing through the use of levels and the burn tool.

The first photo was originally shot as a vertical, but seemed to lack something. I opened a blank file, filled it with a solid color, then cut and pasted the original to it for a horizontal composition. An easy little trick, and a much more striking presentation.

I love how they turned out. I am thinking some new pictures for the boys room may be in order.

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