{ Day 2- Thankful For The Reminders }

If you came to my house today…
You would be greeted by many tiny handprints on the back door window, welcoming you to our home.
You would see milk stains on the scratched up dinner table, and know we have fully enjoyed many family meals together.
You would see the sink full of dishes, and be assured that we are blessed to never have to go without food.
You would see the cookie sheets on the oven, bowls in the sink, empty pumpkin can and cake mix boxes, and know we have enjoyed some treats of the season.
You would see dozens of shoes scattered on the floor, and know we are blessed with children who are healthy and are able to run and play.
You would see many large Sam’s club quantity toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry soap boxes that didn’t quite make it to their destinations yet, and know that we are now in the two cart club when we go to the store.
You would see the tie left by the television, and know that someone here lovingly serves at church meetings throughout the week, yet can still get distracted by Toy Story 3 when he comes back home after another meeting on a Friday night.
You would see the papers, crayons, markers, colored pencils, coloring books, and tape littering the playroom floor, and know that the creative juices flow freely here.
You would see bottles of soap and hand sanitizer at every sink, and know we are SO done with people having the flu here.
You would see an ironing board still set up, and know that a ten year boy has proudly ironed his own shirt for church today.
You would see a hair straightener, blow dryer, makeup case, brushes, ribbons, and two different skirts out for try on, and know I made it to church today for the first time after having Ryan.
You would see well worn strips of paper scattered about for four people, practicing their parts for the Primary program, and know why I went to church today.
You would see toys scattered everywhere and know that imagination and the magic of childhood is alive and well here.
You would see dozens of  piano books surrounding the piano, and know we value the sweet melodies of music in our home.
You would see diapers and wipes in every room, and know that everyone, even down to the littlest ones needs are being met.
You would see candy wrappers tucked under coffee tables, and left on counters, and know that the Halloween festivities didn’t pass us by.
You would see at least ten cups on the counter by the refrigerator, and know that water is our drink of choice.
You would see empty dishes on the counter waiting to be returned to church members, and know how loved we are by those who sacrificed to bring dinner to us.
You would see toy cars in the bathroom, and brushes in the kitchen, and know there must be a little boy who loves to follow around his mommy all day long.
You would see homemade birthday cards on the counter, and dying flowers in a vase, and know that someone here felt very loved recently.
If you came to my house to day, you would see a very grateful mother who is thankful for all the little reminders of what our life is right now. Reminders that our home is well loved and well lived in, and that’s what makes it a home, not just a house.


Lettie said...

Monae, you are amazing. You really are. I feel like it might be weird that I read your blog because we barely knew each other from Girls' Camp all those years ago, but I can't help it. You pictures are beautiful, your family is beautiful and your outlook on life is beautiful. I have especially found these most recent posts inspiring. I hope my continual reading doesn't make you uncomfortable. You are just such an example of goodness. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
Collette (Best) Mitchell

Karen said...

I.LOVE.THIS. I'm going to do this for myself ASAP, because I agonize over the house a lot. Love can be really messy, it isn't always neat and tidy. I think that, but I need to learn to really KNOW it. Thanks Monae!

The Seaquist Family said...

I am a friend of Lisa Johnson's and I happened upon your blog one day and I love it! I love your photography I love your view on life, especially this post. It reminded me to stop and smell the roses....even when they are wilting a little. Thank you.

Lisa said...

Beautiful again. You are so positive these days... I love the reminder!