{ Day 11-Thankful For My One Month Old }

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Things have been a little picture lacking lately, so a cute picture of this little guy is definitely in order. It seems a bit biased to say I am thankful for just my one month old, but since the other kids got their time yesterday to say what they were thankful for, we will give Ryan his time in the spotlight too.

I love to watch him as he is growing up. He already had his first smile the other day, and it is so cute! By one month we are feeling like he has just always been here. It’s hard to imagine a time when he wasn’t. I love that I am feeling better, and we are starting to get into a routine of sorts with all seven of the kids. We have managed two Sundays at church all together, an out to eat adventure for my birthday, and even a trip to Target with all of us. Two carts and seven kids running up and down all the aisles trying to convince us of all the things they “needed”. It was quite a site to see.

I am so thankful that Ryan is healthy and strong. We have all had the flu, and he was lucky that it passed him by. Such a blessing. At his two week appointment he was already 9lb. 5 oz. I need to weigh him to see how much he has grown since then. He still has his chubby little cheeks, and his body is just so cute with all his little rolls to cuddle with.

He is a good sleeper for us, and most nights will give me at least a four hour stretch of time to rest. He prefers to sleep in his bouncy seat or our bed instead of his little crib. He is eating about every 2-3 hours, and doesn’t spit up much! Most of our kids have been big spitter-uppers, so this is a pleasant change. He doesn’t love his binky, but will humor us at times and take it. He loves to be in the Baby Bjorn or just held. He has already grown out of most of his newborn clothes, which makes me a bit sad, and is wearing mostly 0-3 months size now.

I love to see him grow up and do new things, but there is definitely a little bit of sadness that he is. With only one more baby to go until our little group is complete, it’s sad to think this could be my last boy baby. It makes me too sad to even think about it now, so I won’t.=) Instead, I just try to imprint in my mind every little thing he does-those cute little grins, how he arches his back when he stretches, his little bottom lip quiver (the kids love this one), how he looks at us with that serious little man look,…I hope those memories won’t fade too fast, but when they do I know I can look at him and be able to see all the new things he does that brings us joy.


The Simon Family said...

Ryan is precious Monae! Congratulations! We are planning on being in Columbus on 12/11 & 12/12 and we'll be visiting our old ward on Sunday. :) Hope to see your beautiful family then! I think Erika was just a baby when we left. Wow, how time flies!

Cathy Cooley said...

Well, I finally got to see some pictures of little Ryan! He is adorable! Makes me want to have another baby! I almost read the whole first page of your blog, I really enjoyed it, then Ashlie started throwing up so I didn't get to finish. Stomach flu-gotta love it! I'll have to check back here more often.
Love you all!