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Brianna and Aaron Birmingham temple blog

Since last July the Atlanta temple has been closed for renovations and our temple has been the Birmingham, Alabama temple. It’s the first temple Brianna got to go inside to do baptisms, so it has a special place for our family. The youth of our ward got to go on a ward temple trip over the Christmas break, and so did Aaron-a little perk of being the Bishop is all the fun stuff you get to do with the youth. They left early that morning to make the 3 hour drive to Alabama, did baptisms, had lunch, and drove the 3 hours back. It was a long, but spiritual day. Brianna got to participate doing baptisms for some family names on my side, wear her new Christmas dress, and spend some time with dad.

Brianna and Aaron temple close up blog

Brianna 12 1/2 years old and Aaron 37 years.

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