Brooke and Erika have really been into having their hair done in braids lately. We borrowed a couple of seasons of The Little House on The Prairie from the library last week and I think that may have spurred it on. They like to have their hair in two braids with bows in the braids. At the beginning of the week, Erika came home everyday with her hair undone-a mishap of Pre-K naptime boredom I think. Brooke’s braids would stay in part way-with either one side undone, or both bows missing, or the top completely pulled out. By Friday they both came home from school  with both braids completely intact! Brooke was so excited that she left them in to sleep in to see if she could make it a whole other day with them braided.

At the beginning of the year Brooke would barely let me do her hair at all. She would settle for a barrette, maybe. A couple of months ago though she started requesting her hair pulled back with a bow and the ends curled up. I could hardly contain my excitement. She wants a bow? And a matching one at that? And curls?What’s a mother to do? Try to show  straight face and act an nonchalant as possible that’s what.

“Well, okay, if you really want a bow in, I guess I could do that.”

Whew. I think I fooled her. If she senses my true joy she may back out just out of spite.

And the moral of the story is-when it comes to Brooke just let her do things in her own time and her own way. That free agency thing-I tell ya what a good plan!

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Lisa said...

Cute story and cute picture. That free agency thing - I tell ya... it's hard sometimes!