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Today was the most exciting “Month of Love” activity so far. I bought a huge Hershey’s kiss and on Sunday morning I hid it somewhere in the kitchen/playroom/dining room/family room area. The first person to find it would then get a chance to hide it next. The kids were so excited to find it and try to find the best hiding spot. The only rules was that part of it had to be showing. Here are some of the great hiding spots we had.

Mommy’s spot: Up on the light in the breakfast eating area. Austin was the one who first spotted it.

Monae hide the kiss blog

Austin’s spot: On top of the fan in the playroom.  Aaron was the one to find it first.

Austin hide the kiss blog

Aaron’s spot: He unscrewed a light bulb of the lamp next to the couch and replaced it with the kiss.  Brooke was the one to find it next.

Aaron hide the kiss blog 

Brooke’s spot: In the candle above the fireplace. Erika found this one.

Brooke hide the kiss blog

Erika’s spot: Inside the back of the side table. Brianna found it.

Erika hide the kiss blog

Brianna’s spot: On the floor between the washer and dryer. Her clue was that it was where Scott could reach it, but he couldn’t. Abby got to hide it next.

Brianna hide the kiss blog

Abby’s spot: Under the kitchen table bench.

Abby hide the kiss blog 

After all the hide and seeking, Brianna wanted to get to just hold it. The kids couldn’t believe there was actually a chocolate kiss that big.Big Kiss in Brianna's hand blog

And what’s better than holding a kiss? Eating one of course. Master carver daddy whipped out the cutting board and sharpest knife we had to divide the delicious chocolate kiss 8 ways.

Kiss carver blog

And the verdict-Hmm, Hmmm, delicious!

Erika eating kiss blog

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