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We have been on the lookout for hearts everywhere this month. Abby noticed that we had hearts on the “Daddy and baby” Cheerios boxes, and insisted we take a picture for her.  Both Abby and Scott love Cheerios for breakfast in the morning, and since our staycation Scott has been going into the pantry and grabbing the “baby” Cheerios and carrying them around. He shakes them furiously hoping to get some out, and then finally brings them to me to open. He know where I put his snacks, so he will rush back to the table bench where I will line them up in a little row for him to eat. It makes my heart happy to see his excitement over those little everyday traditions like eating his snacks on the bench or shaking his head up and down when I ask if he wants O’s.

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Dre + Drew - Southern Living - Georgia said...

What a fun month of wonderful LOVE ideas. Like Lisa said you are amazing. How special you made this holiday and such a fun Valentine's Day celebration for the Sabbath Day. Thanks for the updates and for sharing your talents!