Playing Dollhouse

Erika has been really enjoying Pre-K lately. She loves her teacher, playing at recess, and walking to her class by herself. Despite all the fun though, she informed me that there are a couple things school doesn’t have-milk at naptime and  pasta how she likes it.  She inevitably finds a way to stay home from school at least once a week, and being the mom I am it doesn’t take much persuading. I figure with the “can only miss 15 days rule”, and only about that many weeks left in the school year she is good to go on the 4 days a week plan. I think one of the biggest things she misses is playing with Abby and Scott and getting to play with her own toys.

Abby and Erika playing blog

Her little dollhouse is one of her joys that she doesn't have at school. She love for me to bring it out in the front room so her and Abby can organize all the furniture, carefully place it in the house, and live the life of a dollhouse doll for a few hours.  I love this dollhouse. It was a special gift from Santa a few years ago, and it continues to impress me. I love all the little furniture that came with it, how open it is so that  all my girls can play with it from all sides, and the simple but classic dolls it came with. And that Santa, I tell ya, he thought of everything. There is a dog and cat with their eating dishes, a washer and dryer, an ironing board, toilet, refrigerator, shower, bathtub, nightstands in the bedroom, lamps, TV, rugs, mattresses-it’s all just so cute! I have to admit I love to sit and organize all the furniture in it too.  Maybe I could have a “sick day “ too sometime and stay home and play with Erika and Abby. It does  count if I clean and straighten up the dollhouse compared to my own house, right?   

        Sorting dollhouse stuff blog         Erika setting up 2  

        Erika setting up blog         Dollhouse friend blog1  

             Dollhouse front blog    Erika smiling blog

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