I am working on Project Life this year. It’s a super cool scrapbook/pictures taking adventure. The Project Life kit that I am using is by Becky Higgins-www.beckyhiggins.com, but anything could work. I love that it is so versatile.  The whole point is the pictures, and some journaling. Both are already my goals for this year so it will work right into our life. I have thought about doing something similar to this in years past, but have never thought it would work for me. This year it seemed to fit our life perfectly. We’ll see how it goes. You can take a picture a day, each day to show your life as a whole. I love to capture all the little things that make up the parts of our life. Not just the vacations and birthdays and holidays-just the regular stuff that makes us, US. What a fun year it’s going to be! 365 days of memories that we will be able to capture. Love it!

Here is today’s POTD (Picture Of The Day) Scott had picked up one of the baby dolls binkies and was sucking on it. Definitely life around our place with a home filled with lots of girls and dolls. He didn’t seem to mind that it was pink or that it didn’t really have anything to suck on. And the runny nose-well, yes that’s part of our life right now too.

Scott with pink binkie

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