Our Month of Love

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Our FHE tonight was a kickoff lesson for the whole month of February. It is our "Month of Love", and we are going to do fun love things everyday. Brianna and Austin each gave a lesson by sharing a story from the new Friend magazine about kindness. I shared a scripture  that talked about you reap what you sow. I showed them an apple seed and explained that my plan was to plant an apple seed and than get a banana. Brooke's little six year old logic notified me that that was never going to work. We talked about how if we are mean, others may be mean back to us, but if we make an effort to be kind, then others may be kind back. We will reap what we sow.

Love blog

  I showed our jars with the word {LOVE} on it. Our family goal is the be kind. When we are full of love towards one another (gumballs past the love words) than we will be able to go to Jumpin Jax as a family. We talked about different ways we show love. It could be with kind words, with nice acts, obeying, showing respect, helping others..so many different ways. Every time we show love we put another gumball in the jar. We have been doing this already this past week and we are doing pretty good. If someone does something unkind, we lose a gumball, but there are always chances to earn it back. At family prayer time tonight we were all reverent and kept our eyes closed the whole time to show love to our Heavenly Father, and we each got to put a gumball in the jar.

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We started a love mailbox too. I printed out little notes for the kids to use to write sweet notes to each other on. We put them in the mailbox, put up the flag, and than at dinner the next night take them all out and read them. The kids were so excited to do this. Austin was the first one to sneak over after FHE to write some. I had imagined that they would only have to write a couple, but he ended up writing one to everyone in the family. He's such a sweet boy.


Libby said...

I bought a little mailbox like that months ago and haven't ever been able to think of what to do with it. (Yeah, I am notorious for buying useless items...) I am so glad you gave me a great idea for it!
You have such a sweet family!

Nancy said...

You have fabulous ideas! Though I think we would eat the gumballs...maybe we would have to do "warm fuzzies" like Pres. Monson talked about.

Lisa said...

Your jars turned out adorble. I may have to copy. ... and I've already been on the look out for a red mailbox this year but haven't found one yet!! That's so funny.